Zack the Ripper

Take a break from the con and enjoy some delicious snacks, performances, games and other activities!


Just your simple moe moe, wanwan, and sometimes echi cosplayer Jean WanWan. Come watch her wag her tail, she won't bite~

Check her out at:


Instagram: @Jean_WanWan

Cafe Kira Hoshi

You may think it's artificial intelligence, but who knows? I guess you'll have to find OUT. Join Ai May 6-7 at OUT Con!

Check out Ai at:

Instagram: @aishizaya


Jean WanWan

It's okay, he's not really going to rip you... or is he? Zack is joining us for a queerful day of fun. Join him May 6-7 at OUT Con!

Check him out at:


Instagram: @Zacktherippercosplay